The Pharmacist Moms Group represents women pharmacists in all areas of practice in the pharmacy profession. To help support the mission of the group to provide resources, education and mentorship to develop women as leaders in the pharmacy industry by recognizing a women leader who is making an impact.


The Woman Pharmacist of the Year awards will be presented to 4 female pharmacists (in the Community Pharmacy, Health-System, Independent and Non-Traditional) who has made a significant impact on the practice of pharmacy, considering the following criteria:

The candidate has demonstrated a commitment to the practice of pharmacy by working in concert with patients and other healthcare providers to optimize a patient’s health-related quality of life. She has demonstrated a willingness to serve and assist other women in their personal and professional development in the pharmacy profession.

The candidate has demonstrated a significant level of involvement in health care programs over an extended period of time. She has demonstrated leadership by using her abilities to develop or improve programs or services that significantly advances the practice of pharmacy and that meets the emerging trends in the healthcare environment. She has an influencer voice and provides critical perspective that helps shape thought leadership and strengthens women’s roles industry wide.

The candidate has demonstrated a commitment to her community by sharing her time and talent in ways that benefit the physical and mental health of the community or individuals within it. She has demonstrated exceptional personal commitment to civic endeavors outside of her professional obligations.

Previous winners of the award include: Jennifer Shannon (2020), Krista Capehart (2020), and Jesica Mills (2019).


Nomination Process
  • A nomination form is available on the WPD website
  • Nominations will close on Tuesday, August 31, 2021
Selection Process:
  • The WPD Committee will review and select the winners
  • Award winner will be announced on or near Women Pharmacist Day on Oct 12, 2021


  • Award winners will be presented a commemorative plaque to display
  • Pharmacist Moms Group will donate to a charity of their choice in the amount is $250


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